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Exhibition of grand sailing ships opens in Tammsaare Park

From March 4, Tammsaare Park's exhibition spaces showcase photographs of sailing ships that will arrive in the city's harbors during the Tall Ships Races Tallinn 2024 this summer. The exhibition will remain open until April 26.

According to the exhibition curator, Kristel Pedak, a lead specialist at the Tallinn Culture and Sports Department, the Tall Ships Races fleet will arrive in Tallinn in full in July, but eleven of these ships can already be familiarized with in Tammsaare Park. “The Tall Ships Races is the world’s largest and oldest regatta of sail training ships, bringing over 60 sailing vessels to three of Tallinn's harbors from neighboring countries, further afield in Europe, and even South America. The exhibition features photographs of sailing ships from Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Ecuador,” said Pedak.

The ships arriving in Tallinn have varied histories – including former fishing and cargo vessels, ships built for military purposes, college training ships, and vessels owned by state institutions. The oldest, the Danish gaff cutter Jens Krogh, was built in 1899, while the exhibition’s youngest exhibit, the Dutch Urania, was completed in 2004. The largest vessel arriving in Tallinn is the nearly 95 meters long and 44 meters high three-masted Polish sailing ship Dar Młodzieży.

While ships from neighboring countries are well-known guests in the ports, the Ecuadorian Guayas will be making its first trip to Estonia. Guayas is a sail training ship of the Ecuadorian navy, built in 1977, with a hull length of over 64 meters and a height of over 34 meters. This majestic three-masted barque serves as a sailing ambassador of Ecuador across the world's seas.

The grand maritime festival, Tall Ships Races Tallinn 2024, will take place from July 11 to 14 at the Seaplane Harbour, Noblessner Marina, and the Old City Harbour cruise area, offering plenty of emotions and activities both at sea and on land. All the vessels featured in the exhibition can be seen in person at the aforementioned harbors.


Photo: Tallinn Culture & Sports Department


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