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Tallinn invites young people to participate in The Tall Ships Races sailing learning regatta

Tallinn will offer young people the opportunity to participate in one stage of the international sailing regatta The Tall Ship Races on the coasts of Portugal, Spain, and France next summer. The city will cover the training costs of the young person in the amount of 600 euros, the application period lasts until April 6, 2020.

According to Deputy Mayor of Tallinn Vadim Belobrovtsev, young people will have a unique opportunity to take part in the greatest adventure of their lives, work in an international crew, and gain seafaring and sailing experience. “The Tall Ships Races, which will arrive in the ports of Tallinn in the summer of 2021, is unique precisely because half of the crew of each ship consists of young people aged 15–25, and this competition is the first offshore sailing experience for many. I definitely recommend applying for learning the art of sailing," the deputy mayor added.

Young people who are 15–25 years old (incl.) at the time of the competition (July 2 - August 9, 2020) and preferably live in Tallinn, according to the population register, can apply for sailing. It is possible to participate in a sailing ship either in the first stage of the regatta from July 5 to 9, 2020 on the route Lisbon (Portugal) - Cádiz (Spain), in the second stage July 12 to 24, 2020 Cádiz (Spain) - A Coruña (Spain) or in the third stage 27 July - 6 August 2020 on the route A Coruña (Spain) - Dunkirk (France). The City of Tallinn will bear the participant's training costs up to 600 euros and will offer sailing places on ships.

The Tall Ships Races is an offshore race involving more than a hundred sailing learning boats of various sizes from around the world. The aim of the regatta is to promote international communication and develop young people's marine education and teamwork skills by sailing together. The main organizer of the regatta is the international sailing learning association Sail Training International. In July 2021, The Tall Ships Races fleet will be hosted by the ports of Tallinn.


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