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This year, the world's largest sailing fleet regatta will take place virtually

Corona has not left untouched The Tall Ships Races, the world's largest sailing fleet regatta, which will exceptionally be carried out virtually this year. The spectacle, where hundreds of large ocean yachts and fabulous historic ships meet, is an annual welcome event in Europe's sea towns and seas. However, due to the global pandemic, it was decided to cancel the traditional Tall Ships Races this year, but to the delight of all sea lovers and sailing fans, the race will be organized virtually. Tomorrow, July 2, the grand regatta in Lisbon will be kicked off.

Sailing on the high seas and the incredible spectacle of the Tall Ships Fleet regatta will be a distant dream for many this year. To prevent this from happening, it was exceptionally decided to organize Virtual Tall Ships Races 2020 on simulators in cooperation with Sailonline. Through the virtual world, organizers try to bring to spectators and competitors everything that its an inherent part of a Tall Ships Race - excitement, challenges at sea, and the beauty of the host ports and the charm of local life.

The port cities of Lisbon, Cadiz, A Coruña, and Dunkirk convey online the whole mood that awaits The Tall Ships Races fleet and city visitors in those places. Everyone can follow the competition on the website:

Competition schedule:

Lisbon, Portugal July 2-5

Cadiz, Spain July 9-12

A Coruña, Spain July 24-27

Dunkirk, France August 6-9


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