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The Tall Ships Races will come to Tallinn in 2021!

If this year we can enjoy the enchanting view of large ocean yachts and historic ships and the accompanying program through virtual channels, then next year, all Estonians will be able to personally cheer for the world's largest sailing fleet regatta. In the middle of next summer, the Tall Ships Races will arrive in Tallinn. The world's super popular regatta will stop in the three ports of Tallinn: the Old City Harbor, the Seaplane Harbor, and the Noblessner Marina. The Tall Ships Races 2021 Tallinn regatta will be accompanied by a cheerful and exciting program both on land and at sea.  

The mission of The Tall Ships Races is to develop and train young people through their sailing experience, regardless of their nationality, culture, religion, gender or social background. The Tall Ships Races is a regatta in which Estonian youth also take part every year. 


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