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Tall Ships Races Tallinn 2024 will fill harbours to the brim

From 11-14 July, the Tall Ships Races Tallinn 2024 will take place in three harbours filled with plenty of activities on the shore and aboard vessels.

Activities will take place in several harbours. While the main event will be held in the cruise area of the Old Harbour, the Seaplane Harbour, the Noblessner Harbour, the Pirita Harbour and the Kalasadam Harbour are also included.

In addition to the maritime festivities and a lively programme, there will be opportunities to participate with your own vessels this time. You can join the speedboat and jet ski race, participate in the maritime parade and watch young athletes compete in the Tallinn Race.

According to Lauri Väinsalu, Tall Ships Races Tallinn 2024's maritime activities coordinator, major preparations are underway and there will be plenty of exciting activities to see and participate in. “One of the main reasons to attend the maritime festival is to see Tallinn's harbours full of ships decorated with festive flags,” Väinsalu said. “It’s a sight that would leave every sailing and sea enthusiast speechless.”

Visual appeal isn’t the only reason to attend – there are other activities available at the event. For example, the Tallinn Race sailing competition, organised by the Tallinn Yacht Club, can be viewed from the quays of the Seaplane Harbour and Noblessner Harbour.

This year's water motor sports competition will also feature speedboats competing. According to Väinsalu, the water motorsports competition this year is especially unique, since it commemorates the 100th anniversary of the sport in Estonia. The water motorsports competition can be viewed from the Patarei Sea Fortress and the Seaplane Harbour.

A Facebook event with registration will also be set up for anyone interested in taking part in the speedboat race. The second leg of the speedboat race is for Tall Ships Races sailing regatta crews who have a support boat with them. “This is a skill-based event for entertainment purposes only,” said Väinsalu. “Since this event has previously been part of the Maritime Days programme, we know it’s been very popular among spectators.”

On 11 July, Tall Ships Races crews will be able to compete in dragon boat races. According to Väinsalu’s description, a dragon boat is a vessel in which two teams sit face to face and attempt to paddle their boat away from the rope in the centre. “Whoever succeeds is the winner," she explained. The best spot to watch the competition is from the quay at Noblessner Harbour.

As is customary for maritime events, water taxis will be available to transport visitors from the Seaplane Harbour to the Old Harbour cruise area. However, this year an additional water taxi line will be available on Saturday (13 July) and Sunday (14 July) to Pirita, where Puuluup will be playing a concert on Saturday evening. “We are offering this option because many people are expected to attend the event and if possible, they should leave their cars at home,” said the maritime activities coordinator.

Longer bay cruises will also be possible, with a variety of vessels available, including modern sailboats as well as faster and more leisurely speedboats. It will also be possible to sail on at least four of the sailboats competing in the Tall Ships Races.


The Alfons Håkans tugboat dance will take place in the Old Harbour cruise area on 13 July, Saturday. “Being able to watch tugboats dance to music is an amazing experience, as they are quite animated vessels,” said Väinsalu.

Facilities are also available for people with disabilities, including sea vessels adapted for those who want to try their hand and an instructor will be on board as a guide.

One of the event's highlights is the maritime parade on 14 July, which begins at 12:00 at the Seaplane Harbour and is joined on the other side of the fairway by the ships of the Moonsund Regatta. Other maritime vessels may also participate in this grand parade, but prior registration is required; this information will also be published on the Tall Ships Races Tallinn 2024 social media profiles and website.

According to Väinsalu, the maritime parade is clearly visible from Noblessner, Pirita, Reidi Road, Merivälja and even Miiduranna. After that, the Tall Ships Races Tallinn 2024 event will come to an end for this year. The sailing regatta ships will continue their journey to Finland, but the maritime celebration on Tallinn Bay will continue on 15 and 16 July with the Moonsund Regatta. 

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