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Program announced: Tall Ships Races brings over 60 sailing ships and a maritime festival to Tallinn

From July 11 to 14, Tallinn will host the world’s largest sailing training regatta, Tall Ships Races, at Lennusadam, Noblessner Harbour, and the Old City Harbour cruise area. Over the course of four days, the harbors will be filled with a festive atmosphere – visitors can explore sailing ships, enjoy performances by Estonia’s top artists, and participate in activities both on land and at sea.

According to Tallinn’s Deputy Mayor Kaarel Oja, the city's annual maritime festival is a cherished tradition, but this year’s addition of large sailing ships and special events will make it especially memorable. “Our maritime days have significantly contributed to Tallinn's image as a maritime city, and each year we strive to bring big ships and maritime activities to our harbours. This year, thanks to the arrival of Tall Ships Races, we will achieve just that,” added Oja.

This grand maritime celebration will bring over 60 large sailing ships from 16 different countries to Tallinn’s harbours. The arriving ships are true spectacles, with the farthest coming from Ecuador (Guayas) and the oldest being the Danish ketch Jens Krogh, built in 1899. Many of these ships will be open for public visits.Over the four days, more than 30 free concerts will take place in the harbours, featuring Estonia’s best artists like Daniel Levi, Alika, Liis Lemsalu Band, Púr Múdd, Grete Paia, Terminaator, Vennaskond, Elina Nechayeva, Sissi, Vaiko Eplik ja Eliit, and many others. In addition to well-known artists, the program includes several musical experiences created specifically for Tall Ships Races Tallinn 2024.

  • July 11 at 21:00: The festival’s opening concert “Linel (On the Wave)” at Lennusadam, featuring music by Liisi Koikson, Marti Tärn, and Sander Mölder, with guest performances by Anett, Valter Soosalu, and Robert Linna. The artistic director is Jaak Prints.

  • July 12: The talented British multi-instrumentalist Youngr will perform in the courtyard of Patarei Sea Fortress, known for his debut single “Out Of My System” and having performed over 150 concerts worldwide.

  • July 12 at 16:00: The Tall Ships Races crew parade, starting from Tornide väljak at the edge of the Old Town, passing through Balti Jaam and along Vana-Kalamaja Street to Lennusadam. Spectators can enjoy a colorful and lively carnival atmosphere, with each crew representing their culture or country.

  • July 13 at 21:00: The song festival concert “We and the Sea” at Lennusadam, featuring popular sea-themed songs. Soloists include Getter Jaani, Mirjam Dede, Ott Lepland, and Priit Volmer, with choirs HUIK! and Noorus, and a band led by Riivo Jõgi. Everyone is welcome to sing along.

  • July 14 at 12:00: A large maritime parade, with Tall Ships Races sailing ships joining vessels from the Muhu Väin regatta, creating a spectacular show in Tallinn Bay.

Additional activities include the Tallinn Race, a powerboat competition, a dragon boat paddling competition, a water sports competition, a project for special sailors with disabilities, the tugboat dance by Alfons Håkans at the Old City Harbour cruise quay, and much more. There will be various attractions for children, from educational games to bouncy castles, with performances by Lolala and Band at the Old City Harbour, Lotte, Roosi, and the insect band at Lennusadam.

In Noblessner, they can watch KVARK science theater performances and enjoy performances by Desiree Dance Studio and OMAtsirkus. At the Old City Harbour cruise area Viking Village, children can engage in crafts, and traditional Premia children's runs and mini-orienteering will take place at Lennusadam.

The festival is organized following environmentally friendly principles, with special attention given to accessibility for people with disabilities.

A sea taxi will traditionally operate between the Old City Harbour cruise area and Lennusadam, with tickets available on Piletilevi and on-site. On Saturday, the sea taxi will also travel to Pirita Harbour, where the Muhu Väin regatta will open with a concert by Puuluup.

For more details on the Tall Ships Races Tallinn 2024 program, please visit

Viis meest seisavad üksteise selja taga ja poseerivad fotograafile, ansambli Treminaator juht Jaagup Kreem on keskel, kõige ees ja tal on seljas punane jakk.



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