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More than 200 applications were received for the sailing training competition

The Tall Ships Races sailing training competition, which ended on October 26, proved to be very successful, with more than 220 applications submitted during the month. With the support and leadership of the city of Tallinn, in the middle of 2021, young sailing enthusiasts aged 15–25 across Estonia will have a unique experience as a crew member of the world's largest sailing fleet, with so many of them making their first sailing at The Tall Ships Races regatta.

The sailing training competition announced on September 22, 2020, was aimed at young people to challenge them to take part in a great adventure to gain sailing experience in an international crew. What makes the regatta special is the large historic sailing ships that are rarely seen in Estonia and the composition of the crews - at least half of the crew members are young people aged 15-25 from different countries, selected from hundreds of applicants. Every sailing ship has a professional team with long experience, who will ensure the safety of a young sailor and a high-quality sailing training program.

The Tall Ships Races 2021 sailing regatta will take place in the Baltic Sea from June 27 to August 3, stopping in the port cities of Klaipeda - Turku - Tallinn - Mariehamn - Szczecin. The regatta will stop in Tallinn on the 15th and 18th of July. The aim of the training regatta is to involve and teach young people and to draw attention to the current state of the marine environment and nature conservation. The very first The Tall Ships Races regatta took place in 1956 from Torquay (Great Britain) to Lisbon (Portugal), when 20 large sailing ships took part in the events.


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