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May at PROTO: Sea of discoveries

At the end of July in Tallinn, during the Tall Ships Races, the PROTO Invention Factory will open its doors on May weekends to maritime enthusiasts, offering unique workshops on building sailboats and cinema sessions featuring the adventurous film “Captain Morten on the Ship of Fools”.

During the first three weekends of May, a sailboat building workshop will be open to all visitors, where participants will have the opportunity to build their unique sailboat and test its seaworthiness in a specially designed 5-meter-long pool. In the workshop, participants will learn how sails work, why a sailboat needs a keel, and how sailboats behave under different wind conditions. Once the boats are built and their seaworthiness tested, participants can put themselves to the test in a sailboat race and win prizes from the PROTO Invention Factory and the Tall Ships Races. 

In addition to the workshops, you can also enjoy a cultural experience by watching the film “Captain Morten on the Ship of Fools.” The film is included in the ticket price and offers visitors the opportunity to dive into Morten’s dreamlike adventure, where he builds a toy ship and leads a crew consisting of various insects.

In 2024, the city of Tallinn will organize a grand Tall Ships Races sailing regatta, bringing over 60 large sailing ships to three of the city’s harbors. The maritime festival will last from July 11th to 14th at the Seaplane Harbour, Noblessner Harbour, and the Old City Harbour cruise area, offering numerous activities both on land and at sea.


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