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The Tall Ships Races Tallinn 2021 invites young Estonian people to the International Sailing Regatta

The world's largest sailing ship regatta, The Tall Ships Races 2021, which will also stop in Tallinn next midsummer, invites young Estonian people aged 15-25 to take part in the opportunity to sail with the regatta as an official crew member. All young people all over Estonia interested in sailing can apply for the regatta, whereas previous sailing experience is not required. The participation of Tallinn's youth in sailing training is supported by the City of Tallinn with a scholarship.

Deputy mayor of Tallinn, Vadim Belobrovtsev, said that young people sailing on The Tall Ships Races study regatta stopping in Tallinn would be able to take part in a great adventure and gain sailing experience in an international team. "What makes the regatta special is the large historic sailing ships that are rarely seen in Estonia and the composition of the crews - at least half of the crew members are young people aged 15-25 from different countries, selected from hundreds of applicants, and quite a few of them are sailing for the first time in their lives," he explained. Every sailing ship has a professional team with long experience, who will ensure the safety of a young sailor and a high-quality sailing training program.

In order to participate in sailing training, all those who wish must fill in the form on the website tallshipstallinn.ee and send a motivation letter by October 26 at the latest. Young people who live in Tallinn, according to the population register, can apply for a scholarship from the city to cover expenses. The approximate cost of participating in the stage is between EUR 700 and EUR 1500, depending on the vessel and the stage chosen, and includes a place in one stage of the regatta, if necessary, transport to the port of departure or destination of the stage selected, meals and accommodation on board. If the participant is able to cover all costs himself/herself, he/she does not have to participate in the competition and is guaranteed a place in the sailing regatta.

Tallinn supports the participation of 165 young people in the sailing regatta

“As the port city of The Tall Ships Races 2021, Tallinn offers 165 young people in the capital the opportunity to participate in a sailing regatta on favorable terms. This means that only the deductible of 200 euros has to be paid, and the remaining costs are covered by Tallinn,” said the Deputy Mayor. Up to 80 sailing enthusiasts from low-income families can take part in this life-changing adventure, completely for free.

Young people aged 15-25 at the time of the competition (June 30 - July 31, 2021) can apply for sailing training. Young people have the opportunity to participate in the first stage of the regatta June 30 - July 5, 2021, on the route Klaipeda (Lithuania) - Turku (Finland), cruise-in-company stage July 8 - 15, 2021 Turku (Finland) - Tallinn (Estonia), in the second the stage 18 July - 22 July 2021 on the route Tallinn (Estonia) - Mariehamn (Åland) or on the third stage 25 - 31 July 2021 on the route Mariehamn (Åland) - Szczecin (Poland). You can read more about the conditions for participating in the sailing regatta on the website tallshipstallinn.ee.

In addition to Tallinn, young people from the municipalities of Põhja-Sakala, Harku, and Kose, as well as Tartu, Pärnu, Haapsalu, Tapa, and Kuressaare, will also participate in sailing training in The Tall Ships Races 2021.

Watch the video of Madle Timm's experience story of The Tall Ships Races 2015 regatta in Kristiansand - Aalborg.

The Tall Ships Races 2021 sailing regatta will take place in the Baltic Sea from June 27 to August 3, stopping in the port cities of Klaipeda - Turku - Tallinn - Mariehamn - Szczecin. The regatta will stop in Tallinn on the 15th and 18th of July. The aim of the training regatta is to involve and teach young people and to draw attention to the current state of the marine environment and nature conservation. The very first Tall Ships Races regatta took place in 1956 from Torquay (Great Britain) to Lisbon (Portugal), when 20 large sailing ships took part in the events.



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